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"I have been a student of Stephanie's since 2008. Through my lessons with Stephanie, I  feel I have become a more confident, musical and rhythmical dancer, and I am grateful for all she has done for me! I can't wait to learn more!   Stephanie has extensive knowledge, background, and experience in various forms of dance. Her technique is superb, and her style and musicality are unmatched. She also has an impressive knowledge of the body, physical fitness, and maintaining good nutrition and health!  Stephanie understands that everyone learns differently, and has the ability to adapt her teaching techniques to the student to help them better understand.  Some of the qualities I appreciate the most about Stephanie is her patience, tolerance, and understanding, as her students go through the learning process. She encourages us to be the best that we can be, and supports our efforts towards that endeavor.  Stephanie gives her students learning tools, and opportunities to overcome limitations, and reach personal goals higher than imagined. Her lessons are informative, challenging, rewarding, and fun!"

~ Mary Keegan


"Stephanie's knowledge and experience extend beyond any particular dance style.  She not only taught me Hustle but more importantly, how my body works.  I credit my advancement and accomplishments to her excellent instruction." 

~ Scott Michielli

"I have taken Stephanie’s classes for both West Coast Swing and Hustle.  Stephanie teaches the most current things happening on the dance floor and she clearly explains dance and lead and follow technique.  She really knows her stuff.  I look forward to taking Stephanie’s classes and she keeps her students progressing.  I think that Stephanie is a truly outstanding dance teacher!"
~ Michael Lee


"It took many years, many dollars and several degrees - to finally find out that learning can be fun! Stephanie is the reason why. I feel I can speak for my fellow classmates - she is professional, enthusiastic, tough-but gentle,and -most importantly-laughs!! The atmosphere in our class is relaxed, no pressure and very entertaining. I get so many compliments on my dancing. I'm so loving my lessons with her."

~ Kathleen

"If you ever seen Stephanie dance you know what a talent she is. She's not just a great dancer but a terrific teacher as well. She has the ability to combine and explain the technical and artistic aspects of dance. She is dedicated, personable, and fun. Whether a single or couple, beginning or advanced, Stephanie will improve your dancing."

~ G.S.


"For all those expecting to get a testimonial about Stephanie Risser…..look else where. Stephanie is our BEST KEPT SECRET for West Coast Swing lessons, and we aim to keep her all for ourselves."

~ Bernie Couris


"I have been taking classes with Stephanie on and off for nearly 2 yrs. I have always been inspired by her dancing. A big bonus with taking her classes is that she is such a great teacher. She picks out those amazing details that hold you back from good dancing and of course demonstrates what and how to dance well.  Most of all, she is so gracious, funny, and personable in the manner in which she does all of it.  Thanks Stephanie!"

~ Mary Reaney


"Stephanie is a superb teacher, whose passion for dance is always evident, whether she is performing, competing or social dancing. I love how she incorporates an incredible combination of technical, styling and musical knowledge and experience into our lessons. There is never a dull moment!"

~ Peter Bennfors



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