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Online Hustle Intensive


Hustle Intensive – one every two weeks.
2 hours each


Week One- Thursday 3/26 @7pm EST – Basic technique review


Week Two – Thursday 4/9 @7pm EST - Turns for leaders and followers


Week Three – Thursday 4/23 @7pm EST - Arm styling & syncopations


All of these workshops will be good for one person or couples. We will be focusing on drills you can practice on your own and then how to apply them to your dancing! All sessions will be left up for one month. You can continue to ask questions, so if you don’t get to watch the live feed and have a question I will answer it after the fact, and if I need to do a quick video to explain the answer, I will!


You can take one session or all three. If you take all three you will also receive a discount for an online private session. If you are a dance professional (or anyone else) that would like to take the sessions for more info. on Hustle or just want to work on your Hustle, but are currently out of work…..PM me about special pricing.

Single session - $35
All three session - $90



If you have any questions or for payment info. PM me or email me at

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