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Styling Services

Not only can Stephanie help you learn how to dance, but she can also help you dress!!

There are a few different ways that Stephanie can help you find clothes to wear for dancing or competing.

Personal Evaluation: 

* We will look at what you have been wearing and go through what you can change or add or use to enhance your look.  This is especially important for competition wear.

Personal Shopping: 

There are two ways we can shop together.

* I will come shopping with you (whether in-store or online) and be there to help you choose clothes and accessories.

* I can shop for you and bring you options on what to wear, and you can pick what you like.


* If you would like I could design a costume just for you.  We can work together on what you would like for a costume and then I will create a design, just for you!!!  

* To take it to the next step, I can also implement the design with the help of my seamstress for your own one of a kind look!

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